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Halo Acrylic Powder Clear 45g
Halo Acrylic Powder Clear 45g

Halo Acrylic Powder Clear 45g

R 230.00

Halo Acrylic Powder is made in the UK and developed with busy nail techs in mind! We’ve made sure our acrylic has a crystal clear, bright and high clarity finish that provides strength and durability for long-lasting nail enhancements.

With a choice of monomers to suit your way of working, Halo Acrylic dries to a velvety finish that means less filing for you! And did we mention it’s also HEMA free!

Halo Acrylic Clear is a crystal clear powder - perfect for capping colours and glitter.

    Top Tip!  All our powders are mixable! To make a soft white, mix 50% white with 50% clear - this will make a more natural white and is perfect for baby boomer nails!

    You can also mix the cover powders with the transparent ones to make a 50-75% cover powder - also ideal for baby boomer nails!